Dr. John-Scott Moír

The Harper's Voice

Bluefield , VA, USA

Online Lessons
60 for 45 minute lesson

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Teaching Styles

Classical/OperaMusical Theatre

Levels Taught

Young Artist/Emerging ProUniversityHigh SchoolBeginner


Dr. Moír's studio teaching has impacted all areas and vocal styles. He has taught at both large universities and smaller regional colleges. Former students have sung with Robert Shaw, Roger Wagner, Minnesota Opera, Minnesota Chorale, Dale Warland Singers, and CORO. His students have sung abroad in Summer programs, been in Broadway National Tours, and have gone on to undergrad and graduate study at WVU, Lesley University, Lakeland University, Gustavus Adolphus, and Union University, as well as becoming Vocal/Choral teachers in their own right, at a number of universities. His mentors included Gerard Souzay, George Trovillo, Jane Randolph, Tom Paul, Nico Castel, and Rudolf Piernay. His approach is founded in historic Bel Canto, with a nod to the advances made in vocal science, while yet allowing each student's unique voice to develop. His passion for Celtic music is also mirrored in teaching harpists to be Bardic singers, accompanying themselves on their own instruments.