Michele Capalbo

Ridgewood , NJ, USA

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Musical Theatre

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Young Artist/Emerging Pro
High School


As a performer with over 2 decades of international performance experience, I understand the varied challenges facing singers. In my studio I seek to maintain a friendly, collaborative yet professional environment in which the student is guided in developmentally appropriate ways to engender trust and to boost self-efficacy and motivation.

The techniques influencing my teaching methods do not derive from a specific method, pedagogue or singing style. My teaching has been influenced by both traditional and contemporary voice teachers, by my predominantly classical performance background, as well as my Alexander Technique training. I have a keen interest in evidence-based vocal pedagogy including anatomy, physiology, acoustics as well as perceptual motor learning. This foundational background helps me to understand and meet the requirements of each student. As a teacher my goal is to creatively apply my experience, intuition, continuing education and ongoing research to guide each student toward technical proficiency and artistic excellence.

My research on the acoustic effects of Alexander Technique intervention on the voice was presented at the Voice Foundation Symposium in June 2023. Two of my peer-reviewed articles on the Alexander Technique and singing are scheduled to be published in the inaugural issue of The Alexander Journal in summer 2023. The Mouritz Publishing Prize was twice awarded to me (2020, 2021) for my articles on voice.