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Ariel Mendelson Voice Teacher and Coach. Classical and Art Song Singer (Bariton). Musicologist and Pianist

Born in Argentina, Ariel Mendelson has been involved with music since age of eight, in which he started to study the piano. From his early years he developed a deep passion for teaching, which takes a very important place in his life. He has degrees in Music Education, specialty Piano and Voice from the National Conservatory of Music “Carlos López Buchardo”(1981), a Licenciature in Music (Musicology) from the Argentine Catholic University(1984) and a Master of Music from the University of Tel Aviv(1992). He has received voice lessons from important voice teachers and coachs in Argentina and he participated from the Masterclasses by Hans Hotter and Alfredo Kraus, in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he lived in 1991-92. During the last years he completed his studies with classes of drama and different languages (English, Italian, French, German, Yiddish and Hebrew) which allowed him to be a very versatile artist, singing Opera, Zarzuela Española, Art Song, Jewish Traditional and Liturgical Music.

Since 1980 to the present, he performed in different countries including Argentina,Uruguay,Mexico, Guatemala, San Salvador and Israel. His debut in Opera took place in Tel Aviv, in 1992, as Don Pelaggio in “La Canterina”, by Joseph Haydn. During the last years he has given many seminars about Opera and Classical Singing ( Larreta Museum, Quilmes Physicians Association, Santa Apolonia Odontological Higher Education Academy, Hebraica Argentina, “Joseph Caro” Jewish School. He has also given different Workshops for Group Singing and Choirs in Argentina and Israel and he worked as a Voice Professor in the National Conservatory of Music from 1997 to 2001.His dedication and passion for the “human voice” allowed him to train all different kind of singers and much of them are working succesfuly in Argentina, USA, Bolivia, Israel and Canadá.

Since 2005 he teaches the voice lessons in Spanish, or English over the Internet ,to many students inside and outside the country.