Paris, FRA

VoiceClassical/OperaYoung ArtistEmerging Pro

The Arthémys Chamber Choir is a group of around twenty singers. He seeks to promote the a cappella polyphonic repertoire from the Renaissance to the present day and approaches often very different styles. The choir works regularly with composers whose works it creates (Olga Viktorova, Homo cantans , commissioned by ARIAM; Thibault Maillé, L'Allée des cygnes ; Jean-Christophe Marti, Aukaniko , commissioned by the Cité de la musique).

From traditional concerts to more original artistic experiences, the ensemble seeks to promote all creative initiatives. The choir creates Stéphane Elizabé's ballet, De l'Autre Côté , at the Bastille amphitheater, with the dancers of the Paris Opera as well as the show Norrsken , performed and danced with the Effernaissance company.

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