Pensacola Little Theatre

Pensacola, FL USA
Deadline: 05/25/2021
Date: 05/24/2021 - 05/25/2021


Company/TheatreMusical TheatreUndergraduateYoung ArtistEmerging ProLeadVoiceVolunteer


Auditions: May 24-25, 2021 | 6:00pm

Performance: July 30-August 15, 2021

Snow White prepares for her birthday ball and dreams of finding her prince charming. When the star-crossed couple meets it’s love at first sight, but the vain and evil Queen – who fears the princess’

beauty – will stop at nothing to be the fairest of the land. With the help of a trusted friend, Snow

White is forced to flee into the forest. This romantic and funny adventure has all your beloved characters and a few more beside: the raven-haired and resourceful Snow White, the very charming Prince Philippe, his kind and shrewd butler Rupert, the evil and devious Queen, a witty and slightly beleaguered Magical Mirror – and of course, there are the Dwarves – need we say more? A clever retelling of a classic tale – one for children and adults alike!

Directed by Ann Ferguson.


Seeking actors ages 10-23 who can sing and move well on stage:

Snow White - Female, ages 16-23. A beautiful, sweet Princess who is the target of the Evil Queen’s envy.

Prince Phillipe - Male, ages 16-23. A dashing, charming Prince. A bit of a romantic who falls for Snow White at first sight.

Evil Queen - Female, ages 16-23. Beautiful, but evil through and through. Totally caught up in her own vanity. Can’t stop asking the Mirror for compliments. Disguises herself as an "old hag" to trick Snow White. Big stage presence with an evil laugh.

Magic Mirror - Male, ages 16-23. The Evil Queen’s full-length mirror who talks and walks. He hates being with the Queen and constantly answering her questions about her beauty. He is a sarcastic, comical character who pushes the Queen to the edge, hoping to someday be in better company.

Snow White’s Nursemaid - Female, ages 16-23. A kindly, nurturing woman who loves Snow White and will do anything to keep her safe.

Rupert - Male, ages 16-23. Rupert is the prince’s witty and faithful butler, valet, and friend.

The Seven Dwarves - any gender, ages 10-16. Seven different comical characters. They speak in rhymes and may come in various sizes. Good movers and comfortable with physical comedy.

Royal Secretary/Guard - any gender, ages 10-23

Royal Servant/Guard- any gender, ages 10-23

Please watch website for audition sign ups.

Please prepare 16 - 24 bars (one verse and a chorus) of a song in musical theatre style. Bring sheet music marked for accompaniment. If you use a .mp3, you may plug into our speaker, or bring your own (use karaoke or accompaniment tracks only). There will also be a dance call, so come prepared to move!

Perusal scripts will be available in the PLT box office M-F 12pm-5pm

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