Cadenza Online Music Contest

Deadline: 02/26/2021
Fee: $40.00


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The Online Music Competition for XXI Century classical musicians is now accepting applications.

The competition is open to instrumentalists, singers and ensembles of any nationality. The competition will be held in two phases, eliminatory and final. Both phases will be held online and will consist in the examination of the CV and of videos of a performance of the candidate.

The aim of the competition is to offer real career opportunities to the finalists, that’s why the members of the jury are well known musicians from the major music institutions in the world.

In the last editions prizes for €4500 in cash have been awarded and the winners benefited from a huge media exposure that resulted in real opportunities.

The examination of the videos will take place from the opening of the contest on November the 20th 2020 until February the 26th 2021 at Midnight UTC. The results of the eliminatory phase will be given within March the 26th 2021, after that the chosen competitors will have to send a new set of videos for the final phase within April the 2nd 2021 at Midnight UTC.

The results of the final phase will be given within April the 23rd 2021.

The competition is organized in three categories: singers, instrumentalists and ensembles.


2.1.1 the category is open to singers of any voice register, without age limit;

2.1.2 any style is admitted, with or without accompaniment;


There is no limit in the choice of the repertoire except that the pieces performed must be originally intended to be performed without the use of amplification or the accompaniment of electronic devices and/or instruments;

The music must be written, improvisation (except for cadenzas, embellishments and basso continuo) is not allowed.


Soloists: money prize of €1.000,00

Singers: money prize of €1.000,00

Ensembles: money prize of €1.800,00

Other prizes also available.

To get registered the contestants must send the following documents exclusively by email:

– filled in and signed application form

– copy of a valid ID document

– curriculum Vitae

– link to the videos

– 1 candidate’s choice picture

– payment receipt of the application fee

The documents must be sent by Midnight UTC February the 26th 2021 to

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