Phoebus Chamber Choir

Paris, PRY
09/20/2020 deadline


The Phoebus Chamber Choir, created in October 2019, will start rehearsals again in mid-September 2020.

Auditions are still open for recruitment in all sections in order to reach a number of 16 to 20 singers (currently 12).

The ensemble is directed by Vincent Lecornier:

A sufficient level of solf├Ęge is required to be able to work alone on one's scores beforehand.

Rehearsals on Thursday evenings in Paris 10th, Stalingrad metro station.

Facebook: Phoebus Chamber Choir

Programs 2020-2021:

Concerts of sacred music "a capella and with organ": Bach, Carpenter, Handel, Mendelssohn...

At the same time, preparation of a concert of secular music.

Contact Email: