Appalachian Music Festival & Competition

online event

Deadline: 07/01/2021


Classical/OperaMusical TheatreHigh SchoolUndergraduateYoung ArtistEmerging ProProfessionalVoicePianoInstrumentalPaid


Our vision for the Appalachian Music Festival (online for 2021) is to provide a plethora of opportunities to achieve goals and the highest level of music amidst COVID-19 and other burdens in our lives. The Appalachian Music Festival allows students the opportunity to receive teaching from ETSU professors and international artists. The ETSU professors will employ their pedagogical standpoint when working with the students, and the international performing artist will employ their performance experience to provide a full spectrum of music at the highest levels. We also want to allow students to ask individual questions to the masterclass professor and international artist to allow the students to receive the largest array of knowledge that we can provide.

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