La Quinte Juste

Paris, FR-35 FRA
09/01/2020 deadline


Come and join La Quinte Juste!

Our motto is to adapt ourselves to the needs of each person in order to progress together in harmony.

Our programme for this season 2020-2021 will be based on a repertoire mixing Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary music, using music from written and oral tradition (Sephardic songs, world songs, jazz songs, etc.).

We bring together two ensembles

You can read music and have some experience in choir and vocal technique: the Grand Choir is for you (mixed choir about 25 people).

You are very solid in solfeggio and vocal technique and would like to be part of a soloist ensemble of about 12 people: join the Chamber Choir.

The Grand Choir and the Chamber Choir La Quinte Juste are recruiting for all sections.

Rehearsals take place one weekend a month in the 11th arrondissement. The schedule is on our website.

To meet you we propose an audition on Thursday, September 3rd from 5pm in the 11th arrondissement (location to be confirmed). The audition does not commit you to anything, it is about introducing ourselves and discussing with you to see if the project corresponds to what you are looking for, as well as singing a simple piece of your choice, accompanied by our pianist.

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