North International Music Competition

online event

Deadline: 04/25/2021
Fee: $70.00


Classical/OperaHigh SchoolUndergraduateYoung ArtistEmerging ProVoicePaid


An association of musicians of the Nordic Countries, organises The North International Music Competition (hereinafter referred to as the competition). The competition takes place entirely over the Internet.

The competition is open to contestants of all nationalities and countries. Participants compete in categories based on the age. The programme is to be performed by heart and completely, except for contemporary music, where one is allowed to use the score.

The contestants will be judged based solely on the submitted recordings.

We will have different application fees. We will provide a lower, discounted price to contestants who apply before the busy time.

01 January – 31 January, 50€ – The Earliest of Birds

01 February – 07 March, 60€ – Early Bird

08 March – 25 April, 70€ – Standard

See website for age limit divisions and recording requirements.

Registration is to be done exclusively through electronic means. During entering the website the competitor needs to provide the following:

Filled the Online Application form in English

Youtube link

Portrait Photo

If needed, a Passport Photo or other means of identification.

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