NATS-NYC Mentorship Program

Summer Program

New York City, NY USA
Summer Program
Deadline: 12/15/2021
Fee: $225.00


Classical/OperaYoung ArtistEmerging ProVoicePay to Sing


Purpose and goals for the program:

In our sixth year, NATS-NYC will continue to offer a Mentoring program focused on offering young teachers an opportunity to observe and discuss with master teachers and a group of vocal educators the teaching of specific styles to enhance, develop and advance their teaching skills.

Experienced teachers may also enroll as a chance to broaden their teaching

experience and receive feedback.

Program Dates/Times – 2021-2022:

Our program is offering these THREE steps for mentoring.

1. Connection with TWO mentoring teachers for observations to allow for different approaches and pedagogical practices. The ‘Mentee’ is allowed TWO hours with EACH teacher and a follow-up conversation for any questions. Days/times of observations are scheduled between the Mentee and Mentor Teachers. Meetings with mentor teachers should be scheduled from the beginning of February until the beginning of April. All mentor observations will be conducted online.

2. Meeting Dates will be Monday, January 24, 2022 at 7:00pm, Monday,

February 21, 2022 at 7:00pm, and Monday, March 21, 2022 at 7:00pm.

3. Video review: Using Acclaim, we request that you upload a video of your

teaching to share with our group of mentors, NATS-NYC Board members, and

mentees. We ask that you share at least one clip of an area where you would like to receive feedback from our peer cohort. This will run in the months of February to April. Once the applicant is accepted into the program, the program administrator will provide the contact information for the master teacher. The first time an apprentice enrolls in the mentorship program they will enter Level I. Apprentices may enroll a second time for Level II observations and will be facilitators in the workshops.

Mentee Teacher Guidelines:

Participants must fill out the application form requiring the

following information.

? Material Preference: Classical, Musical Theatre or CCM (pop,

rock, etc.)

? Gender Reference

? Observation

? Personal information including name, address, phone number, and email address

? Educational information

The applicant must answer the following questions (see application).

? In which area do you have the most experience? Singing?

Teaching? Other?

? What is your voice type? What is your range?

? Describe your teaching philosophy.

? Describe your top three artistic goals for this program.

The following items should be included with the application:

? Headshot and Resume/CV

? One reference whom we may contact.

? Link to a video of a sample lesson or performance video.


Tuition for the mentorship program is $225. Payment is due no later than the first meeting. Mentors will not be assigned until receipt of payment. This fee allows the apprentice teacher to observe two master teachers up to 2 times (2 times for one hour each or once for two hours) during the two-month period. If the student is unable to complete the number of observations in the two-month period, the master teacher and the apprentice may choose dates beyond the two-month window to finish the observations. The master teacher is under no obligation to provide additional dates beyond the scheduled period unless the applicant provides specific reasons.

Guidelines for observing master teachers:

Participants/Mentees who are accepted into the program must adhere to the

following guidelines.

1. Mentees must contact the master teacher 24 hours in advance if they

are unable to attend the scheduled observation session.

2. The mentee must be on time for the lesson. If you are unable to arrive

on time, you must contact the master teacher for permission to enter the

lesson late.

3. The mentee must respect the rules of the master teacher’s studio.

Those rules should be agreed upon prior to the start of the observation


4. Mentees must receive permission from the master teacher and the singer

being observed before making an audio recording of the session. Any audio

recordings of observation lessons must remain confidential. Absolutely no

posting online of audio clips or discussion of observations on any social

media site or outlet. Violations of the privacy of the lesson will result in immediate dismissal from the program and possible termination of

membership eligibility to NATS-NYC.

5. During the observation session, there cannot be any interruption from cell phones and other disruptions. Phones must be turned off prior to the start of the session. You may be asked to mute your computer while in the


6. Mentor teachers are under no obligation to explain concepts to the

apprentice teacher during the session. Any questions about concepts must

be discussed outside of the lesson.

7. The mentor teacher is under no obligation to spend more than 30 min.

each week explaining their methods. The apprentice teacher may

schedule and pay for a session to have concepts explained.

8. The mentor teacher has the right to limit the number of mentee teachers

who will observe them.

Any problems or concerns should be addressed with the program administrator: Megan Magden Postle.

Mentor teacher responsibilities to applicant:

1. The mentor teacher agrees to provide 2 hours of observation over the

spring term.

2. The mentee teacher will sign up for a specific time period. Once the

applicant is accepted, the program administrator will contact the master

teacher for availability.

3. Each mentee teacher will be assigned two mentor teachers to observe.

Feedback Form

The applicant will also be asked to fill out an evaluation form about the

program. The feedback on this form will help the administrators

determine changes that need to be implemented.

The current roster of Mentoring Teachers can be found at

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