James Toland Vocal Arts Competition

Deadline: 02/13/2021
Fee: $25.00


Classical/OperaYoung ArtistEmerging ProVoicePaid


The primary emphasis of JTVA is on an annual vocal competition to support singers at the earliest stages of their professional development with financial awards, performance opportunities, master classes, and the encouragement to follow their dreams.

James Toland Vocal Arts, Inc. has announced the 8th Annual JTVA Vocal Competition will be online.

The competition will offer prizes to two different groups of singers:

Tier I is for singers ready to embark on a professional career. This includes those who have recently completed undergraduate or graduate study in voice; however, this is not a requirement. Tier I is open to anyone who has studied voice extensively and developed substantial skill in vocal performance. Prospective competitors who are looking to make a "later in life" career change to the performing arts are also welcome to apply.

Tier II is for those studying singing at or near the college level. Singers who are engaged in serious study (private or collegiate) of the fundamentals of vocal performance should apply at this level. Competitors might be undergraduates or graduates studying music, vocal performance, or musical theater. Non-collegiate singers who have achieved comparable vocal development through private study are eligible.


There is no upper or lower age limit for this competition, provided the singer meets the general requirements of either tier.

Participation does not require a degree.

Singers are not required to be U.S. citizens to apply.

This competition is open to applicants irrespective of residency. All applicants must be in compliance with the laws of their home country as well as the U. S. in regard to residency, visitation, and study.

As the 2021 competition will be online, finalists will not need to plan travel.

Applications are being processed through YapTracker.com.

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