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Deadline: 12/01/2020
Fee: $225.00


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In our fifth year, NATS-NYC will continue to offer a Mentoring program focused on offering young apprentice teachers an opportunity to observe and discuss with master teachers and a group of vocal educators on teaching specific styles to enhance, develop and advance their teaching skills.

Experienced teachers may also enroll as a chance to broaden their teaching

experience and receive feedback.

Program Dates/Times – 2020-2021

Our program is offering these THREE steps for mentoring.

1. Connection with TWO mentoring teachers for observations. In accordance with this abnormal year, most mentor observations will be conducted online. This is to allow for different approaches and pedagogical practices. Mentee is allowed TWO hours with EACH teacher and a follow up conversation for any questions.

Days/times of observations are scheduled between the Mentee and Mentor

Teachers. Meeting with mentor teachers should be scheduled from beginning

February until the beginning of April.

2. Online group meetings: January 11 at 7-10pm and April 18th (times to be

announced) Topics will be based upon our mentees’ requests for discussion.

Final meeting on April 18th will be in conjunction with World Voice Day.

Participants will be recognized and final points of discussion will be included.

3. Video review: Through the use of Acclaim, we request that you upload a video of your teaching to share with our group of mentors, board members and mentees. We ask that you share at least one clip of an area where you would like to receive feedback from our peer cohort. This will run in the months of February to April.

2. Once the applicant is accepted into the program, the program administrator will provide the contact information for the master teacher. The first time an apprentice enrolls in the mentorship program they will enter Level I.

Apprentices may enroll a second time for Level II observations and will be

facilitators in the workshops.

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