The Westchester Chorale

Westchester, NY USA
Deadline: 11/30/2020
Fee: $225.00


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Since the continuing oppression of Covid-19 obviates the possibility of rehearsals for the remainder of 2020, singers interested in participating on a regular basis with the Westchester Chorale virtual activities are invited to contact us at for information.

In normal years, interested singers and prospective new members are invited to join us at our Open Rehearsals on the first three Tuesday evenings of each rehearsal season, in January and September. This is an opportunity to sit in and sing with Chorale members under the direction of our Music Director, Douglas Kostner, to experience what our weekly rehearsals are all about—the joy of choral singing, our warm musical fellowship, the challenges and rewards of preparing for performance and developing our musicianship week by week. After attending one or more open rehearsals, singers interested in joining us participate in a group audition around the piano with Douglas Kostner at the keyboard. It is a singer-friendly experience and most people find it really fun!

As with most not-for-profit performing arts organizations, membership entails certain responsibilities to support the Chorale in its artistic development and community work.

Musical Responsibilities:

Regular attendance throughout the season, including mandatory attendance for Concert Week and particularly the Dress Rehearsal

Preparation for rehearsals and performance as set forth by our Music Director, including marking of music and practice at home

Contacting the Membership Chair to provide advance notice of any scheduled absences or other difficulties.

Membership Tasks:

We ask our members to share in a range of tasks, according to members’ talents, availability and interest. Some tasks are on an occasional basis; some are on-going. Your participation is essential to our ultimate success. We ask that all members contribute their energies towards the Chorale’s growth and development in some way.

Financial Responsibilities:*

Membership Fee: Annual membership dues are $225

Purchase of Scores: Purchase by each chorister of printed music for the season is mandatory.

Minimum purchase of four tickets for the concert. Each member is responsible for purchasing four tickets to each Westchester Chorale concert at $25 per ticket.

* Confidential arrangements for any necessary adjustment of these financial responsibilities may be made by any member for whom they would be burdensome by consulting Linda Gibbs, Treasurer (

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