2021 International Music Competition Bonn "Grand Prize Virtuoso"

Bonn, DEU
Deadline: 06/10/2021
Fee: $180.00


Classical/OperaHigh SchoolUndergraduateYoung ArtistEmerging ProProfessionalVoicePianoInstrumental


The International Music Competition Bonn "Grand Prize Virtuoso" is open to all nationalities and ages in: strings, piano, wind, vocal and chamber music disciplines. Participants are required to submit video materials for the jury audition. Recording should be a fair representation of the contestants' abilities, but don't need to be of a professional quality.

A selected group of winners will receive an invitation to debut at the Beethoven House in Bonn (Germany) the birthplace of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven from August 11-20, 2021.

We will celebrate the 250th anniversary of his birth.

Winners who receive an invitation to play at the winners' concert, and decide to decline the invitation and not travel, will receive their prize diploma and medal by mail (for free).

Repertoire Requirements:

Classical repertoire (Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary periods). Any interpretations of the classical repertoire are acceptable.


Multiple winners can be chosen in each of the following age groups.

Time limits are approximate, shorter or longer videos are accepted.

Young Musician Category: 8 years old and younger; 5 minutes

Junior Category: 9-12 years old; 6 minutes

Intermediate Category: 13-15 years old; 6 minutes

Advanced Category: 16-18 years old; 6 minutes

Senior Category: no age limit; 10 minutes

To apply for the Competition participants must submit:

1.) Completed online Application Form.

2.) YouTube link to the video recordings.

(No need to e-mail a YouTube link if is provided in the Application Form)

3.) Application fee.

- Solo performers 180€ (the inscription fee for participants competing in Salzburg and Bonn is reduced to 345€)

- Duo and Ensemble 125€ per ensemble member.

Application Deadline: June 10th, 2021

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