The Complete Guide to Relocating to Germany as a Singer



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Germany is a great place to be for singing, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

In this program, we take you through everything you need to know about relocating to Germany for singing, including:

• visas and immigration – options for how to stay in Germany legally

• what to bring and what to expect in Ausländerbehörde (immigration office) appointments

• types of singing work – fest, guest, freelance, & everything in between

• insurance – what it all means and what to get

• bank accounts – choosing what’s right for you

• pension, taxes & financial planning for freelance and employed singers

• language acquisition – learning German before and after you move

• finding an apartment – having success and avoiding scams

• setting up utilities and registering your residence

• families – how to bring your family with you, or start one once you’re here

• audition tours – the facts, myths and fallacies

• structure of the German theatre system - how it is financed, how interacts with agents, managers, etc.

• opera, oratorio & concert work differences

• casting for the German market

• living in Germany – integrating into society, making friends, and building a life

…as well as personal experience from fest, guest, and freelance singers.

Join us for the five INTERACTIVE, ENGAGING & INFORMATION PACKED presentation and Q&A sessions covering all topics above. An array of resources, information and samples will be shared with all participating artists.

Program Tuition €150

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