French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Summer Camp

Summer Program

Hancock, NY USA
Summer Program
Deadline: 06/10/2022
Date: 06/09/2022 - 08/31/2022


Musical TheatreHigh SchoolVoiceInstrumentalPay to Sing


French Woods is an individual choice performing arts summer camp for children from 7 to 17 years old. We offer programs in theater, dance, music, circus, magic, rock and roll, visual arts, film and video, sports, tennis, fitness, water sports, skate board, horseback riding and more. Younger campers have more guidance and supervision, while older campers are able to take on some responsibility and have a chance to work in the areas of their interest.

There are six activities per day; three of these periods are called majors and three are called minors.

Majors are chosen at the beginning of each session and are maintained for the three weeks. Minors are chosen daily at breakfast. This lets you concentrate on the things that interest you, while giving you the chance to try something new every day.

Your counselors, head counselors and the program office staff will work with you to help you choose a program that's right for you. French Woods festival offers a broader range of activities at higher levels than anywhere else in camping, while still being open to beginners.

See Rates on website.

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