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We are announcing a contest for the Vanemuine Theater opera choir


voice group choir singer

We expect from You as a candidate:

* to have graduated or are graduating from at least a secondary music school specializing in singing;

* to have prior work experience as a soloist or choir singer;

English language skills and knowledge of Italian, Russian, German, and French at pronunciation level would be beneficial;

* to be ready to work at untraditional working hours;

* to know how to work in a team setting and have good stress tolerance;

* are willing to contribute and commit to the work of the Vanemuine opera choir.

The contest will take place in two rounds:

1. round participation upon your CV together with an overview of your creative activities and a video recording of your performanceof two diverse and different language works of free choice, one of which must be an opera aria.

2. round participants are called in for an audition that takes place in two parts (see website for description)

Please send your video together with the CV by October 11, 2021, to e-mail Selected candidates are sent an invitation to the second round via e-mail together with detailed instructions. The second round will take place on November 2, 2021. Starting time of employment is at the first chance.

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