34th Annual Jack Heller Young Artist Competition

Clearwater, FL USA
09/30/2020 deadline


Auditions are now being accepted for the Tampa Bay Symphony 35th Annual Jack Heller Young Artist Competition.

Applicants must be instrumentalists, pianists, or vocalists, age 24 and under (must not reach age 25 prior to date of final audition, November 7, 2020) and must be studying and/or residing in Florida.

All musical selections must be from the standard orchestral repertoire, composed for that instrument/voice and symphony orchestra, and must not exceed twenty minutes in length.

Applicants must submit an online application form at the following URL: https://app.getacceptd.com/tampabaysymphony Please follow all directions at this URL. A $30 nonrefundable entry fee will be charged. Recordings will be uploaded during this application process. No CDs or DVDs will be accepted. Please do not mail anything to our PO Box.

The deadline to submit an application online is September 30, 2020.

For more info, go to www.tampabaysymphony.com/competitions.html