Young Concert Artists, Inc

New York, NY USA
08/03/2020 deadline


The Young Concert Artists International Auditions are held annually to discover and launch the careers of extraordinary musicians from all over the world. Winners are selected by a jury of distinguished musicians. The criteria are exceptional musicianship, virtuosity, individuality, projection as a performer, and promise. Musicians compete against a standard of excellence - not each other, and there can be any number of winners each year.


Musicians at the beginning of a solo career who are not under North American management are eligible (exception for singers, see below).

As of November 8, 2020, instrumentalists must be 16 to 28 years old, singers must be 20 to 30 years old, and the average age of ensembles must be 28 or less.

Complete and submit the following to apply:

1. Application form (download from our website)

2. Biography or résumé

3. Two letters of recommendation from professional musicians specifically describing your potential for a concert career. (Recommenders may send their letters directly to , or you may include them with your application materials.)

4. Application fee, payable below, or by including your credit card details on the application form. Once your application has been accepted, this fee is non-refundable.

Early Deadline: June 1 - Application Fee: $55

Final Deadline: August 3 - Application Fee: $85

For more info, including repertoire requirements, or to download appl, go to