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Deadline: 04/10/2021


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Theater Pforzheim and Frank Nimsgern are looking for a singer through e-casting.

The Theater Pforzheim, against the background of the new opening perspective, together with the composer and music producer Frank Nimsgern, invites you to an audition via e-casting: The search is on for a singer and performer for "Freedom."

Well-known songs by George Michael, Aretha Franklin and others will be rearranged for "Freedom" and bring exciting chapters of pop music history to life - with all its flights of fancy, longings, excesses and ecstasies, coolness and melancholy. Ballet director Guido Markowitz and Damian Gmür, deputy director, take up the songs choreographically and create sensual and aesthetic dance images to the music.

The e-casting takes place online: Frank Nimsgern provides playbacks for the e-casting, which can be sung in comfort at home and sent in via video.

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