Croatian National Theater

Rijeka, HRV
Deadline: 02/28/2021


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COMPETITION for the position of Opera singer in the OPERA Choir:

* voices mezzo-soprano

* bass- baritone

two (2) positions

Job description:

Prepares and interprets entrusted roles, performs at all theatre performances and events (such as concerts, gala concerts, charity concerts, ceremonies, opera and ballet performances, etc.).

Carries out other activities from her/his field of activity.

Application Criteria:

•The prescribed qualifications are pursuant to the regulations in force prior to the adoption of the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education (Official Gazette Nos.123/03, 198/03, 105/04, 174/04, 46/07 and 63/11);

• Secondary Music School;

• Applicants educated abroad are required to hold the highest degree of education in the system of artistic education available in the applicant’s country of origin;

• Required professional or artistic field: Music Academy;

• Required knowledge of foreign languages: active knowledge of the English language and another foreign language (active knowledge of Italian an advantage);

•Specific requirement: passing the audition before employment.

The application needs to be accompanied by:

•CV in English

•Copy of proof of the obtained professional qualification

•Application with 2 arias that will be performed at the audition

Applicants who fulfill the prescribed requirements and who have attached all necessary documentation are required to take part in an audition pursuant to the internal Labour Regulations and Rules of Audition.

Applicants who fulfill the prescribed requirements will be invited to the audition which will be held in the Theatre building at the address of Verdijeva bb.

The date of audition shall be subsequently determined.

The employment contract will be concluded:

for a mezzo-soprano singer (1 executive) for a temporary period until the Theater employee returns from maternity leave

for singer with voice bass-baritone (1 executive) for a limited period of 4 years, with a probationary period of 1 year,

pursuant to the provisions of the Theatre Act (Official Gazette Nos. 71/06, 121/13, 26/14).

The applications will be accepted by e-mail until February 28th 2021.

The Competition results will be communicated to the applicants within the statutory period of time through the Theatre web site.

The applicant who invokes the right of advantage in employing, referring to the Act on the Rights of Croatian Homeland War Veterans and their Family Members (Official Gazette 121/17) is obliged to submit all evidence referred to in Article 103 of that Law. The evidence needed to exercise the right of recruitment has been published on the Croatian Ministry of Croatian Defenders website:

The Theatre reserves the right not to choose any of the applicants and to annul the Competition.

The CV and other required documentation must be delivered to the e-mail addresses


marked with “Application for Competition – Opera singer”.

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