King's Peak International Music Competition


Deadline: 12/01/2020


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King's Peak International Music Competition is a global online classical music competition with categories for instrumentalists and vocalists & open to all nationalities.

Age Categories:

A. 5 – 7 years

B. 8 – 10 years

C. 11 – 13 years

D. 14 – 16 years

E. 17 – 19 years

F. 20 – 22 years

G. 23 - 35 years

Contest is open to instrumentalists (piano, strings [including harp & classical guitar], woodwinds, brass) and singers (opera) of all nationalities and countries.

Repertoire Requirements:

One free-choice piece from Common-practice period, which includes

Baroque era (1600–1750)

Galant music era (1720s–1770s)

Classical era (1750–1820)

Romantic era (c.1800–1910)

The competition is divided into a preliminary round (initial screening) and a final round. Both rounds are online.

Participants are required to submit a video recording of their performance (YouTube link) on our page titled "Free Entry" See website for complete application and recording requirements.

The approved contestants will receive an email notification/invitation containing instructions on how to apply. Only the contestants who pass the qualifying round (initial screening) can advance to the final round.

For more info, or to apply, go to

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