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Living with Long COVID as a Singer

Long COVID has serious effects on the singing community. Read on for one singer’s experience with diagnosis and ongoing treatment.

Five Side Hustles for the Busy Music Major

Being a music major may be one of the busiest majors. Juggling class, practice, rehearsals, performances, and finding time to make money so you don’t starve… is a lot. Here are some opportunities for you music majors looking to make a little extra cash.

Program Spotlight: Vincerò Academy

Vincerò Academy offers an online mentorship platform connecting singers from all backgrounds and nationalities seeking role study preparation. Artistic Director Abdiel Vázquez shares details about his visionary project and its evolution over the past three and a half years.

Hidden Composers: Performing the Work of William Grant Still

Uncovering information about hidden composers is exciting and important. For one Oberlin Conservatory student, learning about hidden composer William Grant Still led her to perform at the Smithsonian Museum.

Tool Time: Sing Ring by OOVO

Welcome to the first in a series of thoughts on the usefulness of specific singing tools. I am hoping to provide some reasoning and use cases for items for singing and maintenance of the voice.

Defining Success—Play Ball!

Success isn't always what you expect it's going to be! Sometimes ending up somewhere different than where you hoped or planned may be the best thing that can happen.

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