Oklahoma City University Masterclass

Sat May 25, 2024
6:00 pm EDT
New York Room
Musical Theatre
High School
Young Artist/Emerging Pro

General Information

Conquering Fear in Performance: Practical Application

Work with Dr. Courtney Crouse to conquer the fight, flight, or freeze instinct. Singing isn't life or death, but sometimes it sure does feel like it. Brain Science and Mindfulness are the new pillars of Vocal Pedagogy. Learn new tools and apply them to your repertoire in this OCU Master Class open to both Classical and Musical Theater singers.


Courtney Crouse

Dr. Courtney Crouse is Professor of Voice and Pedagogy at Oklahoma City University. Crouse is an active member in the Oklahoma City arts community, performing musical theater roles with Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma. Crouse is a founding member of the Tactus Classical Ensemble, a frequent soloist on the Kemp Concert Series, and with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. She is also a member of the international guitar duo, Crouse Denman. Her education is from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University where she studied with revered pedagogue Paul Kiesgan and with the one and only Carol Vaness.

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