Boston University Masterclass (2)

Sun May 26, 2024
7:15 pm EDT
New Hampshire
High School
Young Artist/Emerging Pro

General Information

Calling All Coloraturas

Calling sopranos and mezzos who want easier access to their high notes, and improved coloratura. Find high notes you didn't even know you had, and how to sing them consistently and with ease and confidence.


Alison Trainer

Dr. Alison Trainer is an internationally acclaimed coloratura soprano, who has performed a wide variety of operatic roles in the United States and Europe. She is known for her radiant high notes, sensitive musicianship, and compelling stage presence. She is on the voice faculty at Boston University, Interlochen Center for the Arts, and Opera Seme in Arezzo, Italy. She is also a certified yoga instructor. Current areas of research are yoga's impact on resonance, and the anatomy of high voice singing.