Upload Your Selections to YouTube

  • CS Music does not host your video files. You will need to upload those to YouTube.
  • PLEASE do not use microphones.
  • Try to get as close-up as possible on video recordings.
  • Accompaniment options:
    • Live piano accompaniment
    • Appcompanist app is recommended but other professional recordings are accepted as well
  • Record ONE selection in its entirety.

Link Your Selections to your Competition Application

  • Find your competition application on your CS Music applications page and click the Edit Application link.
  • Within your competition application, paste the URL of your YouTube selection.
  • IMPORTANT: You need to make sure your video clips are made public on YouTube so they can be shared.

Submit Your Application

  • After you have finalized your selection, click “Submit this Application to be Reviewed” on your application.
  • You cannot edit your application after you submit it.
  • It will be sent out for review and you will be notified when the judges have finished their evaluations.

Receive a Scored Evaluation and Written Feedback

  • At least three judges will review your competition application and provide a Scored Evaluation (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) and written feedback. 
  • Participants will be notified via email when results are available.

Advance to the Audience Choice Round

  • The top 10 singers from each division will advance to the Audience Choice Round.
  • Singers can use the same video selection or they can record a new audition piece.