Panel Auditions

European Panel Auditions

Audition for European Managers and German Theaters!

Berlin, Germany

October 25 SOLD OUT
October 26 – SOLD OUT


Confirmed Panelists

*Important: While Panelists have contracted to be present for two days of auditioning, changes can be made prior to the event. Check back for the updated list of confirmed panelists.
  • A Piacere Musik GbR – Management
  • Agentur Barbara Gülzow Musiktheater & Konzert International – Management
  • Brandenburger TheaterKünstlerischer Betriebsdirektor
  • Centre Stage Artist Management – Agent
  • Chrupalla Artists – Management
  • Nationaltheater Mannheim – Leiter Künstlerisches Betriebsbüro (Artistic Director)
  • Schleswig-Holsteinisches Landestheater und SinfonieorchesterLeitung Betriebsbüro Musiktheater
  • Stadttheater BremerhavenLeiter Musiktheater
  • Staatstheater Meiningen – Künstlerischer Betriebsdirektor
  • Theater Magdeburg – Künstlerischer Betriebsdirektor
  • Weiler Artists Management Berlin – Management

View Detailed List of Attending Panelists

Due to illness or travel conflicts, the following panelists will not be in attendance at the live auditions but will review all audition videos after the auditions:
• Alexander Vassiliev Künstlervermittlung – Management
• DeFeis International Artists – Management
• Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Chefdramaturg Oper & Konzert

$165 Registration Fee Includes:

       – 9 minutes of Audition Time in front of Hiring Agents & Artistic Directors

       – Professional Accompanist

       – Written Feedback & Evaluation

       – Video Recording

       – 1-year CS Music Audition Alert Subscription


  • Open to young artists, emerging professionals, and professional level singers
  • No age limit (18-year-old minimum)
  • $165 USD, partially refundable audition fee (see cancellation policy below)
  • Each singer has 9 minutes of audition time in total. They may choose the first piece and, if time allows, the panel will ask for a portion of a second piece. The panel will cut off singers at the 9 minute mark.
  • Accompanist
    • A professional accompanist is included: Prof. Byron Knutson.
    • Singers are allowed to bring their own accompanist.
  • Singers should bring to the audition:
    • At least 14 copies of their Resume/Curriculum Vitae/Lebenslauf with photo and contact information.
    • At least 14 copies of a printed list of their audition repertoire for the day.
    • Copies of the scores for all pieces on their audition repertoire list.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Singers can cancel up to 10 days before the event and receive a $95 refund.
    • Singers can transfer their registration to another singer for a $45 transfer fee. Contact for details.
    • If a singer is unable to attend the day of the audition because of illness or any other reason, an online submission can be done and sent to the panelists, but there are no refunds available.
    • If a singer is late to their audition time, CS Music will do its best to fit them in later, but there is no guarantee the singer will be fit in at another day or time; no refunds will be issued.

Location: Studio Knutson
Address: Ahornstr 6, 12163 Berlin, Germany
• There are two Ahornstr. in Berlin; use the address with the zip code.
• When at the address, go through the courtyard to the brick building in the back. Go to the door on the left of the building, ring the bell, and go up one flight of stairs. The studio door will be clearly marked and will be opened for you.
• There are no warm-up rooms at the studio. Please plan accordingly.




“The Panel Auditions were the best run, most organised, most kindly, and most professional ones I have EVER done. You have made this tenor very happy!!”

Peter Furlong, Heldentenor

“Thank you so much for the feedback and the audio-files. I have found the whole Berlin-audition a very positive experience. The organisation was superb, the location was almost even better! Wow, what an amazing place! The staff were really pleasant and put me at ease. I can almost say that I enjoyed myself, even though auditioning is always nervewracking.”

Nathalie Mees, soprano