Recording Instructions

Record a new audition.

There are six required portions of your audition. Record each portion separately:

  1. Chromatic Scale (one octave, eighth notes at quarter = 120)
  2. Blues Scale (one octave, eighth notes at quarter = 120)
  3. Major Scale Both scales ascending and descending, your choice of syllables
  4. Major triad followed by minor triad starting on middle C
  5. One standard (or any song) sung a cappella of your choice.
  6. “Even the Pain” arr. By Greg Jasperse, Section I – J


Upload to Sound Cloud

CS Music does not host audio files, so you will need to upload your recordings to Sound Cloud.

  1. If needed, create a free Sound Cloud account.
  2. Upload each recorded section of your audition separately.
  3. Create a Playlist labeled “2019 SCVA Honor Choir Audition – YOUR NAME”
  4. After they are uploaded to Sound Cloud, save each recorded section of your audition to the new playlist.
  5. After the 2019 SCVA Honor Choir Audition playlist includes all of your recorded sections of your audition, click the “Share” button on the playlist page and copy the URL they provide.
  • Post the selections as either Public. Judges will not be able to listen to your recordings if they are set to Private.


Link YouTube to CS Music and Submit

  1. Find your application on your CS Music applications page and click the Edit Application link.
  2. Within your application and under the My Repertoire section, click + Add a Selection:

  3. Add a title (SCVA Audition) and under Composer add N/A.
  4. In the Performance URL box, paste the URL of your Sound Cloud audition playlist.
  5. After you enter in the Performance URL, preview the selection to make sure it works and then click Save Selection.
  6. After you have finalized your selection, click “Submit this Application to be Reviewed” on your application.
  • You cannot edit your application after you submit it.
  • It will be sent out for review and you will be notified when the judges have finished their evaluations.


If you have any questions at all, email or call 877-515-9800.