Your 2014 Memory Jar

How’s your memory?
We are often much better at remembering incidents of defeat or failure, as opposed to our best moments and this can reinforce low self-esteem and high anxiety.
What if there were a fun craft project that would help capture positive memories?
Good news: it’s not too late to make your own 2014 Memory Jar. Think about the memories you’ll be able to review at next New Year’s Eve celebration!
On the practical side: I regularly find that musicians leave terrific material out of their bios, résumés, interviews, and online profiles.
They inadvertently leave out some of their most distinctive credits, such as noteworthy performances, programming, or collaborations.
Sometimes this is a matter of misjudging what’s of interest to others but sometimes it’s a matter of not remembering and not tracking.
An alternate version of this Memory Jar could be a success box: you could make a version of a suggestion box but what you’d insert are notes about your successes (small and large).
These might be one or more of your particularly satisfying performances, the recruitment of new students to your studio, the release of a new album, completion of a new arrangement or composition, and more.
At the end of they year, you can review the contents of your jar or box, and reflect on these so you can plan how to create more happiness and success in the coming year.
Success breeds success – unless you don’t reflect on and learn from what is going well and why.
We’ve made it through January; think back on this month and answer these:
Questions for the week: Do you have a way to track your memories or successes in 2014? What would you put in your 2014 memory jar or your success box so far? What’s gone well?
As always, I’m interested in your feedback and ideas!

Angela Myles Beeching

Author of the acclaimed “Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music,” Angela Myles Beeching directs the Center for Music Entrepreneurship at Manhattan School of Music and maintains a thriving private practice focused on results-oriented coaching and consulting. Previously, Ms. Beeching directed the New England Conservatory Career Services Center and was a consultant to the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Check out her weekly Monday Bytes blog for a regular boost of inspiration and career tips.