What will YOUR story be?

With the CS Music Vocal Competition beginning this week, I thought it’d be an appropriate time to share some of the many success stories we’ve heard from participants. The unique part of this competition is found in the networking. Singers, students, teachers, parents, college faculty, admissions officers, stage directors, casting agents, and other industry professionals all come together for the finals of the competition at the annual CS Music Convention to listen to the greatest young classical and musical theatre singers in the country. This year we’ll be in Boston, May 24-27, at the downtown Sheraton Hotel.

What experiences await you this year?  Are you looking for opportunities to grow and continue your education in classical singing and/or musical theater?  What connections could you make with universities and their professors, summer programs and professional companies all in one weekend? Check out these inspiring stories from parents of past participants on these very topics.

Meet Teddy Edgar. 

Teddy first competed at our convention in both the finals for the High School Musical Theatre division as well as the Semi-Finals for Classical division in Chicago in 2015 & again in 2016. He has since graduated from Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA and is studying a double major at Oklahoma City University. What makes his story so incredible is that his journey from high school to his choice of which university and major he wanted to pursue stemmed from his experiences at our CS Music Conventions. 

As a matter of fact, the staff at Oklahoma City University remembered Teddy from the competition. They were begging him to select their school because they said he was the perfect candidate for their structure of “No Walls,” as they believe all artists should cross-train to enhance their marketability in this very competitive industry. They were very excited to see Teddy again when he auditioned for their school, remembering him from the CS Music Competition the year before. Both Teddy and his mom credit this competition for his vocal growth as well as opening doors for Teddy as he pursues his career in singing.

And Teddy’s not alone. All of the singers who advance to the finals in Boston get to attend masterclasses (for free) presented by some of the top university voice faculty in the nation. Juilliard, NEC, Eastman, San Francisco . . . they all send representatives to recruit, teach, and judge singers. These classes are highlights for most of the singers. 

Here’s what others have said about their experience:

Jennifer S, mother of participant Gregory Sliskovich:

“The CS Music Competition and Convention was probably the single most important thing our family did in preparation for applying to college.  Having the opportunity to meet professors and learn about their programs first hand and participating in the masterclasses was invaluable.  I can’t imagine going through the process without the important information we learned—this should be a required event for anyone wanting to study voice.”

Todd Hoskins, father of Jonah Hoskin:

“Our experience with CS Music was a special one. After attending the first year, we encouraged three other families to join us to experience what he had so much enjoyed. Meeting with representatives from all the schools and getting answers to our questions helped us to begin making plans for college.

One of our favorite things was going to all the masterclasses even if we weren’t singing. We loved hearing specific instruction for ourselves and others. It helped to reinforce everything our voice instructor had been telling us.

Just being with all the other students and parents and learning of their challenges and successes was also helpful. There was so much valuable information we received. We learned of college programs, summer programs, and other vocal experiences.

Before we went we worried about being bored. After we got there we were challenged to fit in all the great stuff. We also worried about whether the expense was worth it, but found that if we had the choice, we would do it all over again. And we did!!!

The competition is a great thing for the students. They work hard to prepare for this level of competition.  They not only get an opportunity to perform several times, but they also get feedback from experts in the world of voice. This information over the past two years has been extremely helpful in identifying things for us to work on with Jonah’s voice and his overall performance.

Everyone was so kind and helpful from the Classical Singer staff to the participants, parents and professionals. We will always hold a special place in our heart for the experiences in Boston and San Antonio thanks to CS Music.”

So what will your story be?

Join us at the First Round at any Live Location or submit an application for the Online Round. Every singer receives written feedback and a scored evaluation. All qualified singers advance to the finals in Boston where they will be part of a truly special vocal arts event.

More information is found at www.classicalsinger.com/vocalcompetition.

Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard is the General Manager of CS Music and Classical Singer magazine. Since 2003 Alex has been involved heavily with CS in advertising sales, the CS Vocal Competition, the CS Convention, and the development of the website www.csmusic.net. Alex graduated with a B.A. from Brigham Young University and a M.S. from Utah State University. He currently lives in Lehi, UT with his wife Becky and their 6 children and is a high school basketball coach on the side.