The Hope of Achieving Greatness

There’s something exciting about September 1.
The unofficial beginning of Fall. A new school year. The end of summer heat. The nostalgia of our glorious (or not-so-glorious) high school years. The chill of a new dawn. The foray of bright new colored leaves. The crispness of autumn afternoons and lengthened fall shadows. And of course, the return of football.
All of these factors add to the bubbling anticipation of Fall. But I think there’s something bigger, something more profound about this time of the year.
The calendar tells us that January 1 is the New Year. Nature shows its rebirth and revival in Spring. But for man, Fall is the time our internal clocks reset and subconsciously begin anew.
The circadian rhythm of the school year—whether we’re actually in school or not—gives us a natural starting and stopping point every year; a distinct, measurable time period of activity. Within these defined parameters we are tasked with projects to accomplish and assignments to complete. Gone are the ambiguity of lazy summer days—both figuratively speaking or literal. Ready or not, we are forced into the arena of life and given actual responsibilities. It’s sink-or-swim time.
Every year millions and millions of students complete a grade, graduate from school, or move onto a new stage of life. Accomplishments will be celebrated next Spring as a finale, but the beginning is now, this Fall. And even if we already graduated from the highest levels of our education ladder, the memory and feelings of beginning again are to one degree or another relit within us. We feel the excitement of the season and the energy of the new beginning.
In all reality Fall is our “New Year”. Our team is undefeated; our scores are unblemished; our slates are blank. We stand at the precipice of life with a chance to start something new and accomplish something meaningful, something great.
We have a renewed hope of achieving greatness.
Welcome to Fall!

Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard is the President and CEO of CS Music and Classical Singer magazine. Since 2003 Alex has been involved heavily with CS in advertising sales, the CS Vocal Competition, the CS Convention, and the development of the website Alex graduated with a B.A. from Brigham Young University and a M.S. from Utah State University. He currently lives in Lehi, UT with his wife Becky and their 6 children and is a high school basketball coach on the side.