Maria-Cristina Necula

Maria-Cristina Necula

Maria-Cristina Necula is a New York-based writer whose published work includes the book “Life in Opera: Truth, Tempo, and Soul” and articles in “Das Opernglas,” “Studies in European Cinema,” and “Opera News.” A classically-trained singer, she has presented on opera at Baruch College, the Graduate Center, the City College of New York, UCLA, and others. She holds a doctoral degree in Comparative Literature from The Graduate Center. Maria-Cristina also writes for the culture and society website “Woman Around Town.” To find out more and get in touch, please visit her website.

Carol Vaness

She has graced the world’s greatest stages with her unique voice and incandescent dramatic temperament.
Cristina Necula interviews one of the most non-diva-esque divas of our time.

Gregory Kunde : To Everything There is a Season

Tenor Gregory Kunde is one of the most celebrated American singers on the international stage today. He has performed in all the world’s major opera houses and his repertoire extends from the standard tenor roles such as Alfredo and Rodolfo, to Baroque masterpieces.

Inner Power

Classical Singer sent singer Cristina Necula to check out a new method of accessing your best performance. Here's her very personal report.

An Encounter with Virginia Zeani

Few names in voice teaching stand out like Virginia Zeani. After observing lessons and receiving some herself, the author reveals the life and lessons of Ms. Zeani

Paul Austin Kelly : Songs are the Diamonds in My Life

The holiday season is knocking at the door and for the travel-weary singer, there is probably no more heart-wrenching musical phrase than shopping-mall renditions of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”

Vienna State Opera’s Sculptor of Singers – Ioan Holender

Vienna State Opera is one of the jewels of Europe and one of the houses you will want to visit, whether you're auditioning or vacationing. Here's an inside look at the man behind the curtain. (Ioan Holender is the father of Adrian Holleander [sic], who was featured in the September issue.)

Thomas Hampson : Now, All The World's His Stage

As an enthusiastic explorer of repertoire, Thomas Hampson generously contributes to the enlightenment of audiences and colleagues alike, enriching our cultural knowledge as very few artists do.

Ricardo Tamura : Brazilian Tenor, Jedi Tactics

Brazilian tenor, Ricardo Tamura, graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with diplomas in geology and physics and worked as a computer science teacher and chess instructor. Although he loved to sing, there was no early indication of a possible operatic career.

An Interview with Adrian Hollaender

Prior to Cristina Necula's recent trip to Vienna, Classical Singer sent an email to the CS Onlie Community asking for your suggested questions for the two following interviews. Ms. Necula was able to interview very different European manager's to get the insider information you need. Compare their stles and answers before you consider your next audition for a European job. Our thanks to Mr. Seitter and Mr. Hollaender.

Study Abroad : Interview- Bryan Rothfuss and Maria Rosendorfsky

American baritone Bryan Rothfuss and Austrian soprano Maria Rosendorfsky are full-time students at the two main music schools in Vienna, Austria: the University of Music and Performing Arts, and the Konservatorium, respectively.

Opera News, the Magazine for Opera Fans

It is unquestionably the reigning fan magazine for opera audiences. CS decided to talk to the editor and publisher about future plans with the magazine and the Metropolitan Opera Guild. Building audiences for opera is a high priority for our readers as well, so we salute Opera News and the Guild!

Cantus : On the Road to Fame

It started out as a Saturday morning diversion. But these former college students have managed to create a new market niche and set a great example on how to thrive in today's tough arts economy.