Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: Thank you for trying a different way of sending out the e-mails for the Classical Singer Community. This is the first one I’ve received. As an older, but still aspiring mezzo, the realities that the magazine shows about the business really help to keep my head out of the clouds regarding my future potential, and give a clear picture of just what it really takes to do this. I’ve just asked my husband to renew my subscription as a present.
—Linda L. Pytko, received via e-mail

Classical Singer will no longer use the Topica e-mail service to send out the free Classical Singer Community e-mails, which is how we stay in touch with you for the latest news. We heard from many of you that you were not receiving them. For those of you who are not receiving the monthly notices, you can sign up for them on the website at www.classicalsinger.com —Editor

Dear Editor: Classical Singer published an article about my recital [“Songs My Father Taught Me” 5/02] As a result, you received a couple of weeks later an email from a college interested in having me do the concert. I just returned from doing the concert. It was hosted by Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

They hosted a truly first-class show. I received an excellent fee, the pianist was wonderful; so was the narrator they provided (the Dean of the School of Music). Publicity was done well and as a result, attendance was excellent, and my audience —a mix of college professors, Jewish immigrants, interfaith spiritual figures and students— was extremely supportive and enthusiastic.

My sponsors were Coe College as well as a fund entitled the Thaler Holocaust Fund whose late founder was —what a coincidence —born in the same hometown as my late father; Lemberg, Poland at approximately the same time! His widow, Joan Thaler, runs a tight show, sponsoring major Holocaust speakers from all over the United States, (including from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., etc.), art exhibits related to the Holocaust, as well as musical events. I recall you suggested I have the recital videotaped and my agent is excited with the results. He will post clips of it on his site, www.McFarlandArtists.com/beatrice.htm and is now really ready to market me on a big scale.
—Beatrice Beer, received via e-mail

Dear Editor: You are doing a fine service for all singers and teachers. The magazine enables a young person to have a better handle on his or her career. Would you had been around when I was starting out!
—Erik Johanson, Toledo, OH

Dear Editor: I really appreciate the articles on the various ways singers make a living other than sing at the Met. There are so many different opportunities creative singers can come up with to support themselves. Furthermore, these unusual, unexpected performance venues and ideas spark the public’s interest in our art form, and may help to expand our audience and marketability.
The vocal recital is slowly dying and opera attendance is shrinking, mostly because the median age of our audience is getting older and older. We have to get off the stage and out of the opera house and take our love for music into the community and to individuals of diverse interests, ages, and ethnicities. Classical Singer has an emotional appeal that can inspire anyone, and has something significant to offer for every age group, culture or class!
—Kate Van Eck, Allston, MA

Dear Editor: Very helpful resources for my students way out there on the West Coast.
—Marianna Weltmann, Seattle, WA

Dear Editor: Your magazine is a must-read for every singer, coach, and teacher who works professionally. Thank you for continuing to provide useful information, reference material and articles related to the vocal arts.
—Dan Bridston, Glendale, CA

Dear Editor: Classical Singer is one of the most informative magazines a singer could have for his/her career. It keeps people in the know about the business.
—Nanette Norwood, New York, NY

Dear Editor: I really love your magazine. You recently had some articles concerning choral singing. I would like to see more on the chorus singer and maybe more articles from artists in the Boston area.
—Elizabeth Milch, S Wymouth, MA

Dear Editor: I read every article. I laugh at some; I applaud others. I recommend this publication to all my students, especially those in the Opera Workshop. It’s great to read articles by people who are in the business for people in the business. As one who balances a singing career and teaching career, this publication is invaluable.
—Dr. Donald Hartmann, Ann Arbor, MI

Dear Editor: Terrific magazine, great articles, I read it from cover to cover every issue. Many valuable ideas for my private teaching. Keep up the good work!
—Dr. Trucilla Sabatino, Bethlehem, PA

Dear Editor: I look forward to reading Classical Singer each month. It’s always an inspiration to hear what other singers are doing, and to hear about the many ways in which we can use our gifts and practice our art.
—Kate Burt, Greenwich, CT

Dear Editor: Love the magazine. Please more articles about the older singer. More song and Lieder information; not all of us can sing opera. Dr. [Anthony] Jahn’s articles are very helpful.
—Name withheld, Westport Point, MA

Dear Editor: Your career advice and professional information is outstanding and helpful. The pedagogy articles are extremely general and a waste of space.
—Name withheld, Hammond, LA

Dear Editor: The November 2003 issue was excellent!
—Name withheld, Delaware, OH

Dear Editor: How about more specific examples of different ways singers can acquire management? I would be interested in a well-organized article including specific examples of established singers’ experiences, comments from the U.S. management, and ultimately, a list of suggested strategies.
—Laurie Nelson, Springfield, VA

Dear Editor: Wonderful magazine. I love the articles and info on competitions. Great! Keep them coming.
—Name withheld, Denver, CO

Dear Editor: Thanks for a great publication.
—Name withheld, New York, NY

Dear Editor: I thought the article in another publication regarding Sherrill Milnes was mean-spirited and biased. How about doing an article that deals with his singing and performances?
—Name withheld, Clinton, NY

Classical Singer greatly respects Mr. Milnes’ past and current work, which is why we ran a cover story on him in December of 1998. Our new website has searchable archives to back issues, which currently go back to mid 1998. We will be adding issues as fast as we are able. —Editor

Dear Editor: I love your magazine! Love Dr. [Anthony] Jahn—what an education! Must get his book. Keep those “bios” coming!
—Linda Heimall, Lyndhurst, NJ

Dear Editor: The Classical Singer Community Website is rather difficult to navigate and all the passwords/codes to use is frustrating! If I am a paying subscriber I want to be able to just participate and not go through all the hassle of passwords, etc.
—Eleanor Ranney, Santa Fe, NM

You’re right. The old website was difficult to use. Jo and Jeff Isom, our web team, have been working tirelessly and the new website is much more intuitive. I’m sure your problem is solved. —Editor

Dear Editor: Our singers love your magazine and depend on it. We auditioned 70 singers, many from your ad, for our upcoming Cav/Pag. Thank you!
—Ruthann Hellfach, Chatham, MA

Dear Editor: Classical Singer has enriched my knowledge of auditions and a career in vocal performance. I am planning to finish my second master’s, in arts administration, and would like to see more articles on the role that the young artist programs play in an opera company, its outreach, fundraising and chorus. How and why did these programs come to be?

I wish I had known about this magazine sooner. As a young singer, I could have learned a lot from your articles. I originally subscribed to get audition dates, etc., but I have found the articles very informative—the things that are not taught in many music schools that should be. Business is very important for a singer, and not many schools teach a singer what is entailed in a career. They are too busy teaching voice and posture. Keep up the good work!
—Name withheld, Glenview, IL

Dear Editor: Thank you so much for all that you do. The magazine is so important to our musical community. May I make a suggestion? On the website when we do a search for auditions/competitions, etc., it would be very useful to be able to delete each separate item on the search page so that we will only have to print the ones that we are interested in. Thanks!
—Name Withheld, Salt Lake City, UT

I’ll mention it to our web team and see what they can do. —Editor

Dear Editor: Your magazine has been an invaluable resource. I consider the articles and insights information timely offered, and the best resource to me and my other, fellow singer friends. Thank you for all your wonderful efforts.
—Ellen Macdonald, Ossining, NY