Editorial Desk

Welcome to the January issue of Classical Singer magazine!

I hope you enjoy the in-depth coverage and advice on summer programs. Training is obviously a critical part of our craft, and these programs and other pay-to-sing opportunities can be extremely valuable in our preparation and performance.

CS Music works with many programs, so take advantage of their print and online resources and connections. Classical Singer magazine has been a great resource for singers who are looking for real talk about the industry and how to navigate its challenges. Over the years, I have really appreciated the topics covered here, and this issue is no different.

Advice for Singers

First, be a good colleague. Be professional, come prepared, and be kind to the whole team.

Second, don’t underestimate the importance of your work. The world needs music and goodness and creation and beauty, now more than ever. It’s our job to find and bring out the purpose in the music we perform. Purpose sustains a long career for the singer—and it sustains the art for the world.

Third, invest in a life outside of work. Our work as artists is not enough to sustain a whole complex human being. We need life experiences to inform our art and we need separation from our work to maintain a healthy perspective.

You have a wonderful talent! It’s an honor to be on the editorial board of an organization that is dedicated to helping singers find, cultivate, and use their unique abilities.

Enjoy the issue and good luck with your next performance or audition!

Erin Morley

Having starred in a string of critically acclaimed appearances in the great opera houses of the world—including the Met, Wiener Staatsoper, Bayerische Staatsoper, Opéra national de Paris, and Santa Fe Opera—Soprano Erin Morley brings a wealth of experience and insights to the new Classical Singer editorial board.