Online Recruiting Event

Find hundreds of qualified singers without leaving home!

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COLLEGE EXPO (High School and University levels)

  • April 23 – 25
  • Via Zoom
  • $195 per class


CONVENTION (University and Emerging Professional levels)

  • May 26 – 28
  • Via Zoom
  • $195 per class


Recruiting Sessions

For High School and University students and their parents.

  • April 23 – 25
  • Via Zoom
  • $95 per session

Sessions are divided into 4-hour segments and can be as short or as long as you want during that time period. Participants can join the virtual Expo Hall via Zoom at any time during those days and click on a link to meet with programs, ask questions, and learn about schools.


Online Recruiting Package

Add on a Recruiting Subscription so any member of your organization can contact Competition participants, Convention attendees, and CS Music Artists. Includes:

  • A Sponsored Email to participants
  • 1-month online block ad on CSmusic.net
  • Email access to any CS Music Artist Profile

Special Convention price of $195 for a group of 5 faculty members (one-month subscription).



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For questions, email Dane Trimble at dane@csmusic.net.