Piano Scholarship Competition

12/01/2018 Registration Deadline

General Information

Get a FULL-TUITION Scholarship, including Housing and Food!

Florida Gulf Coast University is awarding TWO Full-Tuition scholarships to pianists. Submit your application via the CS Music Scholarship Competition and you will be reviewed by both FGCU faculty and other university piano faculty from across the country.

Every applicant will receive a scored evaluation with written feedback from at least two faculty members. Representatives of FGCU will select two students of their choice to receive a full-tuition scholarship.

Competition Instructions

  1. Register for the Competition
    Register on CSmusic.net ($45 application fee) and submit your application. Every participant should have his or her own unique CS Music account on CSmusic.net. After you finish the competition registration your application will be saved to your CS Music account.

  2. Upload Your Selections to YouTube
    CS Music does not host your video files. You will need to upload those to YouTube. Record THREE selections in their entirety on three separate clips. Students are to supply three contrasting pieces IE a Baroque piece such as a Bach Prelude and Fugue or larger piece, a classical sonata, a virtuoso Romantic piece, and/or a 20th or 21st century composition.

  3. Link Your Selections to your Competition Application 
    Participants must link two selections. Make sure the selections are on separate clips. Find your competition application on your CS Music applications page and click the Edit Application link. Within your competition application, paste the URL of your YouTube selections.

    IMPORTANT: You need to make sure your video clips are made public on YouTube so they can be shared.

  4. Submit Your Application
    After you have finalized your selections, click "Submit this Application to be Reviewed" on your application. You cannot edit your application after you submit it. It will be sent out for review and you will be notified when the judges have finished their evaluations.


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