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Marielle Peguero

Eatonton , GA, USA

Style & Level

High School
Class of 2024

Highlights & Awards

  • Nafme's All National Choir 2022 (Sop. 2)
  • Georgia All State Chorus 2022 (Sop. 2)
  • GA District 11 Honor Chorus 2022 - 2023 (Sop. 2)
  • GA Governor's Honors Program Semi-finalist - in progress


My name is Marielle Peguero, I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. I consider myself a creative, hard-working, and responsible individual. I began to sing at the age of 7 and ever since then music has been a particularly important aspect of my life.

Outside of school, I take voice lessons from Broadway veteran, Lisa Vroman. I form a part of the OPAS community choir in my area. This past year, I auditioned for and was given the honor to participate in the 2022 Georgia All-State Chorus and NAFME’s All-National Chorus in Washington D.C. . It was a breathtaking experience to be able to sing with so many talented people from all over the country. I am also an inducted thespian in my school’s troupe. I have played a couple of roles in school musical productions, such as Ella in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and Ms. Bell in Fame!

Even with all of these experiences, there are still no words that can describe the love, passion, and drive music brings into my life. It is a quick escape from reality. Music has always been there for me, through the highs and lows; I do not know what I would do without it. Music is my passion and I adore each side of it – the history, analyzing the meaning of a song, or singing in various languages. I am hoping to pursue vocal performance in college where I will be able to continue to improve and fulfill my dream of becoming an accomplished performer.