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Justin Zink

Park City , UT, USA

Style & Level

High School
Class of 2024

Highlights & Awards

  • March, 2023- Sang a solo at the Utah High School Choir Regionals and received a 1 minus rating.
  • February, 2023- Received an All State Singer Award with CS Music for 2023 in Utah!
  • January, 2023- Sang onstage at the Eccles Theater in SLC amongst a sold out crowd of 2500 with Grammy award winning musicians for my music school's 25th anniversary, Caleb Chapman's Soundhouse. Musicians included Steve Smith from Journey and Tom Malone from the Blues Brothers.
  • November, 2022- I was accepted to sing at Carnegie Hall for the second year in a row with the 2023 High School Honors Performance Series but declined due to a scheduling conflict.
  • August, 2022- I was nominated and elected to be Co-President of the high school choir council.
  • August, 2022- I was nominated by my high school choir teacher to sing in the Utah All State High School Choir and performed October, 2022 in the Salt Lake City Tabernacle.
  • August, 2022- I received the Outstanding soloist award in my band, The Inevitables, with Caleb Chapman's Soundhouse in American Fork, UT.
  • June-July, 2022- I spent 12 days in England, Spain and Croatia singing with my band, The Inevitables, through Caleb Chapman's Soundhouse, on various stages, with the main venue being the Croatia International Jazz Festival.
  • June, 2022- Received a Varsity Letter Award for Choir for the school year- 2021-2022.
  • May, 2022- Applied to the CS Music Vocal Competition in Chicago and made it to the second round of the classical division.
  • February, 2022- I was nominated to audition to sing with the Honors Performance Series from my choir teacher and sang in Carnegie Hall. There were more than 10,000 auditions received worldwide and about 500 were accepted.
  • May, 2021- I sang with my High School Chamber Choir in the "Music in the Parks" Festival competition at Layton High School, Utah and we received second place.
  • March, 2021- I qualified and then received a Division 1 rating in the Utah Vocal State Solo competition.
  • May, 2020- I received the Outstanding Choir Member award in my junior high school.
  • Sept, 2017- my choir teacher tested me and determined I have perfect pitch which has helped me significantly with my singing.


My passion is music. I sing, play drums and bass guitar. I am in several bands with both music schools and with friends, and sing in my choir at Park City High School. I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing music. I’m not sure where my career path is taking me just yet but am definitely leaning towards something in the music industry! I moved to Utah with my family from NYC when I was 7 and we love traveling, camping, off roading and visiting national and state parks.