Mary Joy Subrado

Dapitan City , PH-ZAN, PHL

Style & Level

Class of 2022
Not Applicable

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I was born in the Philippines in 1997. I am a member of a big family, eight sisters and one brother. My father is a widow and has been supporting his big family on his own. I am currently a student in Elementary Education at the Jose Rizal Memorial State University (PHILIPPINES).

I am a self-taught Guitarist and I have been trying to improve my skills in guitar playing.

I have two loves. One is singing and the second one is pencil drawing. I am self taught in drawing too. I like anime; I love watching anime series, reading manga and drawing anime. I drew pictures for a Greek novel which was published in the spring of 2020.

I love to sing English, Japanese and Korean songs. I have been trying to learn how to speak Japanese and write in Japanese, independently.

I have composed a few songs (music and lyrics) and I would like to write more songs, eventually becoming a professional singer.