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Simon Swai

Bonney Lake , WA, USA

Style & Level

High School
Class of 2025

Highlights & Awards

  • 2-Time WIAA Solo & Ensemble Valley Regional Champion 2022 and 2023 - Baritone Solo Category
  • 2022 WIAA State Solo & Ensemble - 12th place - Baritone Solo Category
  • 2023 WIAA State Solo & Ensemble - 3rd Place State Champion - Baritone Solo Category
  • ---
  • 2023 Schmidt Vocal Competition - Regional Finalist
  • 2023 Schmidt Vocal Competition - Regional Most Promising Sophomore
  • ---
  • CS Music 2023 All-State Singer
  • CS Music Comp. & Conv. Second Round Competitor
  • ---
  • Bonney Lake HS Chamber Choir 21/22 - Most Inspirational
  • Bonney Lake HS Jazz Choir 21/22 - Most Inspirational
  • Bonney Lake HS 2022 Talent Show - Best Stage Presence
  • Bonney Lake HS 2023 Talent Show - Best Talent Overall
  • Bonney Lake HS Jazz Choir 22/23 - Most Inspirational
  • ---
  • ACDA National Honor Choir 2023 Qualifier - High School SATB - Tenor II
  • ---
  • Bonney Lake HS 2023 Track and Field Spirit Captain
  • 2023 Pierce County League Track and Field Championships - 800m 1st Place Champion and Qualifier
  • 2023 Pierce County League Track and Field Championships - 1600m 3rd Place and District Qualifier
  • 2023 West Central Districts - 1600m and 800m Qualifier - 800m 5th Place and State Qualifier
  • ---
  • Bonney Lake HS 22/23 ASB Sophomore Senator
  • Bonney Lake HS 23/24 ASB Executive Secretary


Life is a journey with so many different and expansive chapters, episodes, and beautiful parts that make it what it is. I always believe this,

It's Your Journey, Your Goals, Dreams, that you can go beyond it all, in the Palm of Your Hand!

So in my High School Journey, I strive to make my journey the best it ever was, giving it beyond all I've got, and with others as well, elevating step by step to get to that beyond that I dream of, then to redefine that beyond to my signature.

Although Jazz and Sinatra is my signature, I also am well-versed in other genres, from Classical to Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, and to the Opera!

This is only one of the three Sagas I head towards, also nearly qualifying for State in Cross Country by two places, as well as the one to become the Track and Field Spirit Captain for my Bonney Lake High School, qualifying for State with a 2:01.57 800m time and qualifying Districts with a 4:34 1600m(mile) time, with the future of Junior and Senior year to my unknown ascension!

To become the greatest, these are all things that I've gotta run towards head-on! I was qualified to become a part of the National ACDA Honor Choir, which I participated on February 22-25th in Cincinnati, Ohio, and got to meet amazing people such as Dr. Eugene Rogers, Rollo Dilworth, and beyond, as well as ascending to become the WIAA Washington State 3rd Place Champion of the Baritone Voice category, as well as participated in our Men's Ensemble at State on April 28th-29th. Most recently, I participated in the regional Schmidt Vocal Competition at PLU's Lagerquist Hall, becoming a Finalist, and achieving the Most Promising Sophomore award, continuing my Journey.

I also take place in Student Leadership, being in ASB as Sophomore Senator, and elected for the 23-24 school year as ASB Executive Secretary, as well as inspiring people, anywhere I can, as the Track Spirit Captain(nickname: Spirit Man) and beyond, enjoying and elevating the meaning they have in this Journey that we call Life.

As all of us, I have so many hopes and dreams that I want to and will make my reality, and I'll go ascend my beyond to achieve it, in the Palm of My Hand!