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Alexander Chan

Las Vegas , NV, USA

Style & Level

Musical Theatre
High School
Class of 2026

Highlights & Awards


Alexander Chan's artistic odyssey is defined by an enthusiastic passion for both film and stage acting, coupled with a deep-rooted love for music. His journey is characterized by an innate ability to breathe life into characters with unwavering sincerity and a palpable sense of heart.

As a musician, Alexander's proficiency in guitar and ukulele harmonizes perfectly with his rich baritone voice, a testament to his multifaceted talent. His ongoing vocal training is a clear indicator of his commitment to perpetual growth and artistic excellence.

Alexander's devotion to the dramatic arts is equally evident in his active participation in high school theater classes. His portrayal of Sonny in his high school's production of In The Heights was not just a role, but a transformative experience, demonstrating his natural flair for adapting to diverse characters and comprehending the complex dynamics of stage relationships. His performances in various seasonal showcases, including renditions in foreign languages, further illustrate his versatility and willingness to embrace diverse artistic challenges.

Physically, Alexander presents a striking figure—5'4" with a toned build, black hair, and dark brown eyes, perfectly suiting roles for characters aged 14-17. His involvement in sports like football, volleyball, and martial arts mirrors the discipline and dedication he brings to his artistic endeavors.

Alexander's path has not been without obstacles. Initially grappling with feelings of starting late and battling self-doubt, he has emerged more resilient, learning the invaluable lesson of seizing every opportunity. The unwavering support from his friends and family has been a cornerstone in his journey, instilling in him the courage to embrace each experience as a steppingstone towards growth.

Looking to the future, Alexander is enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with diverse talents across the entertainment industry. His aspiration to tell captivating stories and engage audiences reflects his innate desire to leave a lasting impact through his art.

To explore opportunities or collaborations, Alexander Chan can be contacted at or via phone at (702) 963-4329.