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Lisa Pan

San Diego , CA, USA

Style & Level

Musical Theatre
High School
Class of 2026

Highlights & Awards

  • 1. National Winner of Young Art in Voice, 2024
  • 2. 1st Place Winner of American Protégé International Voice Competition, WE SING POP, 2022
  • 3. 1st Place Winner of Nats(National Associate of Teachers of Singing)singing competition, 2023
  • 4. 1st Place Winner of The Youth Solo Vocal Competition, 2023
  • 5. 1st Place Winner of The Temecula Valley Classical Vocal Competition, 2024
  • 6. 1st Place Winner of Coronado Talents, 2020
  • 7. Winner of San Diego 's Got Talent, 2019
  • 8. 1st Place Winner of American East-West Idol Competition.
  • 9. 2nd Place Winner of The International Musical Grande Competition in Musical Theater Category
  • 10. 2nd Place Winner of The American Protégé International Vocal Competition in Musical Theater.


Lisa Pan is a SAG-AFTRA actress, singer, model, and VoiceOver artist, who is also a sophomore in high school at The Bishop's School.