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Allen Gurvits

Newton , MA, USA

Style & Level

Musical Theatre
High School
Class of 2024

Highlights & Awards

  • CS Music Competition High School Classical Division 1 Semifinalist 2022
  • CS Music Competition High School Classical Division 1 Semifinalist 2023
  • International Grand Prix Finalist 2023
  • Schmidt Competition Finalist 2023
  • NSA National Round - Semifinalist 2023


17 year old Allen Gurvits is a senior in the Walnut School for the Arts high school in Natick, Massachusetts where he studies voice. He lives in Newton, MA with his older sister and his parents.

Allen is a baritone and has been studying singing and theater since he was 4 years old at the Lucky 10 Talent Studio in Boston. He has sung and performed on numerous stages in the US, and abroad.

Allen had the leading roles in productions of The Pirate King, The Marriage of Figaro, and Little Orphan Benny. In 2015 Allen was awarded First Place at the Trixie International Music Festival in Bulgaria in the Solo Singing category.

Although Allen was born in Boston, Massachusetts, his parents were born in the Ukraine. Consequently, Allen speaks Russian and English fluently and sings in multiple languages.

Allen’s other hobbies include skiing, sailing and fishing.