Certified Young Artist/Emerging Pro

Damian Zorin

New York , NY, USA


2020 CS Vocal Competition 2nd Round CS Vocal Competition Musical Theatre SingerTenorYoung Artist/Emerging Pro

I discovered the actual beauty of academic singing as a member of the academic choir of the linguistic university I was studying at. I started studying voice in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia with the soloist of the local opera house Nina Tovstonog in 2010.

As I realized I could pursue a singing career I moved to Rome, Italy, to go on my studies with Nunzia Santodirocco at a private music academy in 2012. Then my pursuit brought me to the beautiful Vienna. I joined Richard Wagner Konservatorium to study with Olga Shalaeva and Evelyn Schorkhuber. In Vienna I became a laureat of two vocal competitions. My fellow student Anna Togel and I cooperated to create a student concert group to design more practice opportunities of us and our friends.

In 2016 life and luck gave me a chance to move to Tbilisi, Georgia, to go on my studies with a famous vocal coach Guliko Kariauli and then I got an opportunity to explore the technique of the famous Georgian dramatic tenor Nodar Andguladze preserved and practised by vocal coach and accompanist Nina Stepanyan. Before my departure my coach and successfully organized concerts in the liberal and culturally open churches of Tbilisi.

I decided to test my luck in New York. In January 2020 I was auditioned at Washington National Opera's choir, yet due to COVID-19 I am still waiting for their answer.