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DeAnna Ladaga

Las Vegas , NV, USA

Style & Level

Musical Theatre
High School
Class of 2025

Highlights & Awards


DeAnna Ladaga's journey began on the picturesque island of Bohol, Philippines, where her earliest memories are entwined with the vibrant sounds of karaoke—a beloved Filipino pastime. At the tender age of three, she was introduced to the microphone, marking the beginning of a lifelong passion for music that she has cherished without pause. Her story took a significant turn when she moved to Las Vegas at the age of six, where she continued to cultivate her love for the arts, exploring various avenues of creative expression.

A multi-talented individual, DeAnna has not only excelled in music but also in athletics and culinary arts. She has been an integral part of her high school tennis team for three years, showcasing her dedication and competitive spirit on the court. Dance, too, has been a constant in her life, allowing her to express herself through movement and rhythm. Moreover, her love for baking—ranging from cookies and cakes to bread and fruit desserts—illustrates her warmth and her inclination to share joy through her culinary creations.

DeAnna's musical journey has led her to remarkable achievements, notably her performances of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at various sports events across Las Vegas, as well as a memorable half-time show appearance at the NBA Summer League in July 2022. These experiences have not only honed her skills but also heightened her visibility and impact within the community.

Inspired by the legendary Lea Salonga, DeAnna dreams of illuminating Broadway with her voice and embarking on an international singing career. Her aspiration is not just to achieve personal success but to serve as a beacon of inspiration for young girls worldwide, encouraging them to pursue their dreams relentlessly. In her music and through her journey, DeAnna Ladaga embodies the spirit of perseverance, talent, and the heartfelt desire to make a difference.