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Ryan James

Redmond , WA, USA

Style & Level

Musical Theatre
High School
Class of 2024

Highlights & Awards

  • Understudy as Nick Bottom
  • Music Captain for Something Rotten


Having taken an acting class at his middle school, Ryan was hooked, preforming to his family and friends whenever he got the chance until he found his theater outlet at Eastlake Highschool's Preforming Art Center. Having taken lessons since 2015 with the incredible Jazz pianist Andrew Isom, and with Violinist Katelyn Kukoly since 2016, Ryan has preformed at many different locations and instrumental shows, showcasing his passion and dedication to music and preforming.

Reaching Highschool Ryan quickly gained skill in the different roles he had preformed, being the understudy for Nick bottom in EHS' "Something Rotten" and also leading as the stage's Music Captain, when just 2 years prior having started his first musical in the 2022 EHS' "Beauty and the Beast" as just an ensemble member. He also preformed in EHS' 2023 dramafest as a lead in his scene, and Directing in the EHS Senior show "24."

Having found a passion for the preforming arts, Ryan is excited for the future of his career and skills, which he hopes though dedication and talent will lead him to his goals.