September 2018

Neil Shicoff : A Force for 40 Years

Tenor Neil Shicoff has graced the stages of all of the leading opera houses in major roles the world over. Now he is bringing all of that experience to a new role: teacher. His practical pedagogical approach includes sharing his own life lessons with his students. Shicoff shares many of those lessons here, including how he dealt with performance anxiety, what roles he wishes he would have waited to sing, why students need to remember that their teacher is working for them, and much more in this exclusive interview.

Majoring in Performance Is Just the Beginning

Accelerate your vocal progress by coupling classroom and studio knowledge with four practices that will help you create your own individual program.

Why Opera Singers Should Take Musical Theatre Classes

When considering electives to complete your degree, a musical theatre acting class might be just the thing to take your performance to the next level. That’s what happened for one New York City-based singer.

The Trill Is Gone

A singer’s music education simply isn’t complete without mastering the once almost extinct skill of the vocal trill. First consider the history of this ornament, and then find six practical, hands-on methods for ensuring this is a tool in your own singer’s tool belt.

70 Stellar Seasons : Celebrating Indiana University Opera Theater

The Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University has long had what is considered one of the top 10 vocal performance programs in the country. This year the school celebrates 70 years of its opera program. Read about the history of the program as well as its future and the great things to come.

12 Ways to Rock Your In-Person College Audition

We asked college professors what students should and shouldn’t do in their in-person voice audition. Find out what made the top 12 here.

Preaching from the Choir : Science Catches Up to the Benefits of Choral Singing

For the singer who can’t wait to fulfill those mandatory choir credits or the one who dreads it, recent studies reveal some unexpected and profound benefits of choral singing.

The Fabulously Fit Singer

Making time for daily physical activity can be a challenge, especially when you’re in the throes of earning a college degree. But getting and staying fit really is paramount for singers whose instrument is their body. To help you get motivated, here’s a look at the benefits of yoga and physical activity for the voice.

Whose Aria Is It, Anyway?

Blocking, choreography, entrances, exits, lines, and timing are crucial for any musically staged production. But how do you prepare for unexpected missteps? Learning how to go off script is an important skill that will not only benefit you but also your colleagues.

Where I Last Got Paid To Sing : New Music Challenge for Mezzo-Soprano Kristin Gornstein

When Kristin Gornstein was asked at the last minute to step in for another mezzo and workshop the first act of a brand new opera, she jumped at the chance.

The Doctor Is In : Back to School

Uncle Tony offers his advice for students returning to the classroom this month. Read his thoughts on how studying music at the university level requires using both the left and right hemispheres of the brain and much more.

Singer’s Library : Georgine Resick

When choosing recital repertoire, it is common for students to gravitate toward the most well established songs. Composers who receive the lion’s share of ink in music history textbooks and

What Would Deborah Do

Superstar soprano, Deborah Voigt, is taking charge of life beyond the stage in a commanding way. A biography, a one-woman show, a teaching fellowship at Notre Dame, artistic director of

The Music Major Minute : Spirit Animals for Singers

As the lazy days of summer end and the stress of the fall semester sinks in, take a few moments to view your new situation with a light-hearted perspective.

Notes From the Field : A Syllabus for My Younger Self

As a new school year begins, consider the advice a seasoned singer would give himself at the start of his college career.

Thanks, Dad

My memories of the college campus where I earned my two degrees stretch back far earlier than my years as an actual student there. My dad started teaching at Brigham

How to Make a Good Impression during Your College Years

Read what students should and shouldn’t do to stand out in the right ways while pursuing a college degree—from social media to rehearsals to class.

The Singer’s Library : Des Chansons Renouvelées

A new book provides a greater context for neglected French vocal literature.