September 2014

Nathan Gunn: : On Words and Music, Work, and Family

Baritone Nathan Gunn has sung on the major stages the world over. A man for all seasons, Gunn is also a veteran with concert, recital, and musical theatre work. In recent years he has added professor to his many hats, teaching at the University of Illinois alongside his wife, Julie Jordan Gunn. Find out how this world-famous baritone keeps all of these balls in the air while still managing to stay grounded and focused on the things most important.

Reflections on a Cyber-Recital

In this age of constant connection and social media, it was only a matter of time before it permeated every corner of society. While the media is full of stories about people using the social networking sites for reasons other than socializing or networking, it does not detract from the fact that these sites can be powerful tools for an individual, especially when an individual is a musician.

The Entrepreneurial Career : The Cornerstones of Artistic Productions

Sometimes the planning, fundraising, and marketing required when mounting a production can feel completely overwhelming. Consider these tasks in a new light to ensure they are providing the solid foundation your production needs.

The Tech-Savvy Singer : Translating a Libretto Online

How do online translation tools stack up against a ready-made literal translation? See the fascinating and sometimes humorous results when three websites go head to head with the indomitable Nico Castel.

The Doctor is In

Is there really such a thing as practicing too much? Consider the physical affects of over-practicing and how to keep your voice healthy while also putting in the practice time you need.

From the Editor : Squeak Away

It was the end of my freshman year of college and I sat, palms sweating and throat dry, in the vocal department chair’s office. He asked why I had come

Musings on Mechanics : The Well-Heeled Singer

Whether it’s your own choice or the costume designer’s decision, wearing heels is a reality for female singers. Read how this can impact both your physical alignment and vocal performance.

Enhancing the Lecture Recital : Carole J. Bufford Shares Advice from 54 Below and Beyond

Lecture recitals don’t have to be boring. An expert in entertaining and informing, Carole J. Bufford shares how she programs an evening of talking and singing to make sure it does just that.

Singing in the Spirit : The Spiritual Elements of Singing

Learn what it means to sing with your body, your soul, and your spirit—and discover a host of classical repertoire that will not only help you access the spiritual elements of singing but that can also spruce up that upcoming concert or recital.

Helen Vanni: : The Met's Invaluable Trouper

While you may not have heard of Helen Vanni, you certainly have heard of Dolora Zajick. The latter credits the former with shaping her voice and talent while Zajick was a student of Vanni’s at the Manhattan School of Music. Learn more about Vanni’s remarkable career from mainstage operas and concerts to recitals, recordings, and teaching.

Who Inspires You? : My Own Story

Whether it’s Richard Dreyfuss in Mr. Holland’s Opus or Meryl Streep in Music of the Heart, we all love a good inspirational music story. But forget the big-screen adaptations. This month we start a new column featuring real-life stories of singers answering the question “Who inspires you?”

Singer on the Fast Track: Andrea Carroll

The young soprano Andrea Carroll stands out on so many levels. She’s bilingual. She was born in Thailand. Her first love was musical theatre and she still does crossover work. And as her career is really taking off, she is managing to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground. Read her sage and sound advice for her fellow singers.

A Sound Investment: : College Debt 101

Your music education doesn’t often include classes on finance. But don’t let that stop you from learning to be wise with your money. Consider these 10 tips for managing money on your way toward a successful singing career.

Experiencing College to the Fullest: : Helpful Hindsight from the Cast of ‘The Fairy Queen’

Singers living and working in New York City reflect on their college experiences and offer advice for making the most of your four years.

My Gap Year

What are you going to do after graduation? Sometimes taking a break is exactly what you need to figure out both your immediate and long-term paths. Read about the lessons one singer learned while doing just that.

Ask Erda: : Ten Things You Need to Know before You Graduate

Take control of your education and make sure you do what it takes to learn these 10 things while you’re still in college.