September 2004

Plácido Domingo

One of the greatest artists of our century was happy to talk to CS readers about his career, young artists, older artists and where he sees the art form going.

Bringing ‘fare’ and ‘essere’ into balance

Learning to be happy is a difficult task when you are striving to move forward as a singer and having to face so many disappointments. Here is one singer's excellent solution

Singing and the Nose

A nasal sound isn't always about your techique-the problem could be medical. Here's some wise advice from a man who knows the nose.

Sealing the Deal Over the Business Meal

Doing business over meals is a ritual that has existed for centuries. Taking clients to breakfast, lunch or dinner has long been an effective way to build relationships, make the

How to Deal with Harsh Criticism

Critics. As singers, we need those newspaper reviews, but oftentimes, critics can cut us to shreds. And criticism doesn't stop with the newspaper; we get it from all sides. How do sucessful singers cope?

Singer Web Sites Made Easy

CS's web developers have invented a website for you that you can do in an hour and keep updated yourself for $45 plus $9 a month. Do it with us or somewhere else but do it!

Sing Without Fear

There are no quick fixes but there are plenty of resources and work you can do to overcome this debilitating problem.

The Teaching of Singing: : Top Teachers Talk to You

A Spectrum of Voices brings some of the top teachers together talking about technique. Here's a review of the book for you.

Help for the Discouraged Singer

A Singer writes in for help after career crashes.

Why and When to Join AGMA

AGMA, the American Guild of Musical Artists, AFL-CIO, is the labor union that represents America’s classical singers for the purpose of collective bargaining. Because AGMA shares with Classical Singer Magazine

The Diva Vanishes

Amelita Galli-Curci's career spanned the pre-and post-technological eras. A pioneer in the recording industry, her life experiences offer valuable lessons for today's singer.

Desert Song : Joel Revzen Sees Sunny Future for Arizona Opera

Getting to know artistic directors is critical for singers who are auditioning anywhere.

Bulletin Board

The Ultimate Trouser Role When Jessica Henson stepped on stage for the talent segment of the Miss Kansas pageant, she didn’t sing a soprano aria, or a mezzo aria. Instead,

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: I am writing a response to a letter writer who complained about voice teacher’s salaries going up every year, and that we have no regard for artists as

CS Welcomes Subscribers and Students : ...and those thinking of going back to school, or teaching teenagers

Welcome to all the students, college professors, and of course, our regular readers! We have a huge issue for our regular readers—76 pages—plus a 48-page pullout section that includes a

The Freedom to Fly : An Interview with Costanza Cuccaro, from Indiana Univ.

A famous singer once said that if you wanted to find a great teacher, find someone who could still sing past the age of 50 because the teacher had learned how to use, not abuse, the voice. A recent NATS convention, this singer/teacher demonstrated floated high Cs and showed student singers how to do the same.

When : Help on Student Loans

If you’re thinking about where to go to school, you need to read this. If you’re already in school, you need to read this. If you’re out of school, you need to read this.

“The Top Ten” Voice Schools In America

US News and World Report rated them years ago. CS has written articles on all of them. Here's a synopsis for you.

Taking a Long Loook at Shorter College

Are you thinking about college? Are you wondering which school you’re going to attend? It’s worth it to expand your view. Sometimes that is difficult—there are over 600 schools to look at in the United States alone! And some, like Shorter College in Georgia, seem to be working very hard to stay hidden, despite a tremendous success record with singers.

Ten Keys to Sucess : For a Freshman Voice Major

I was a voice major and learned, the hard way, how to navigate the waters! I hope these ideas will help you. 1. Learning how to learn music quickly will

The Opera-tive Factor : How Oberlin Prepares Singers for Success

A profile on one of the best schools for singers